Sea Monsters (2D/3D)

A Prehistoric Adventure

A Prehistoric Adventure brings to life the extraordinary marine reptiles of the dinosaur age in both 3D and 2D. Eighty million years ago, the American Midwest lay under a great inland sea where colossal creatures ruled the waves. From giraffe-necked Styxosaurus and sea birds with teeth to the T-Rex of the ocean — the 40-foot super-predator Tylosaurus — these wondrous beasts defy imagination. In a remarkable journey, National Geographic immerses audiences in this unexplored world of the other dinosaurs, delivering the fascinating science behind what we know and a vision of history’s grandest ocean creatures brought to life in fulldome.

Produced by National Geographic
Transformed from Giant Screen film by Sky-Skan

Narrated by Liev Schreiber
Approximate running time: 40 minutes
Available in 2D & 3D
Transform coverage is truncated from fulldome
Education materials available
Copyright Sky-Skan, Inc. 2014