Cosmic Journey: Through Hubble and Cassini (2D/3D)

The opening sequence of the film is footage captured during the space shuttle Discovery s final lift off. The 3D footage was shot in real-time digital high speed t 500fps at a distance only 300 feet away from the launching pad.

Journey through the universe is among the best new motion and stereoscopic rendered images from Hubble and Cassini. Audiences are immersed in amazing depth of the clouds of Jupiter and Saturn and scores of gaseous nebula.

With an engaging sound mix and informational graphics to help the viewer understand what they are seeing, audiences will get a true WOW experience. The film compares what was going on historically on earth with the time it takes light from these far off planets to actually reach earth. Which light from what planet left when dinosaurs walked the earth?
Produced by Kallisti
Running time: 20 minutes
Available in 2D & 3D
Copyright Sky-Skan, Inc. 2014