Chaos and Order:
A Mathematic Symphony

Does mathematics have a color? Does it have a sound? Media-artist Rocco Helmchen and composer Johannes Kraas try to answer these questions in their latest educational fulldome entertainment show Chaos and Order - A Mathematic Symphony.

The show captivates audiences by taking them on a journey into a fascinating world of sensuous, ever-evolving images and symphonic-electronic music. Structured into four movements from geometric forms, algorithms, simulations to chaos theory, this show explores breathtaking animated visuals of unprecedented beauty in the realm of maths. Experience the fundamental connection between reality and mathematics, as science and art are fused together in this immersive celebration of the one language of our universe.

Produced by Rocco Helmchen and Johannes Kraas
Running time: 25 or 39 minute versions.
Copyright Sky-Skan, Inc. 2014