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Before the lights fade for the show, you’ve already made an impression on audiences. Why not make it the world-class quality of Definiti Lighting?

Sky-Skan provides a full range of lighting products and services covering cove and theatrical lighting. Choosing Definiti Lighting means design, installation, and service is provided in-house by Sky-Skan. Benefits include seamless integration with the other theater systems, no architectural missteps due to miscommunication between vendors, and service directly from Sky-Skan.

Cove EX LED cove lighting

Cove EX

Cove EX™ fixtures simulate the extremes of sunlight, from noonday bright to the subtle hues of sunset—even down to the last moments of visible light. Gone are the typical jittering and stepping artifacts of traditional LED cove lighting fixtures. Even in the pitch-black planetarium theater environment, Cove EX fixtures perform ultra-smooth fades, keep true color hues, and fill the room with an even wash of light.

Each fixture is a 0.3 meter (1 foot) long segment, designed to be aligned end-to-end to form a seamless line of light. Each segment is individually controllable. Adjustable bases allow for fine-tuned angle controls with a simple twist of the fixture.

Cove EX joins the SPICE Automation™ family of theater automation products. SPICE components can drive Cove EX fixtures as part of a complete theater automation, sound, and lighting package. Cove EX fixtures are also sold separately for use with DMX controls.

key features

Beyond 16-bit Fades: 32-bit Internal Precision

A breakthrough in fade performance, Cove EX fixtures feature proprietary non-linear mapping techniques using 32 bits per color of internal precision. This extreme level of precision is used to calibrate each LED primary color along the complete fade curve. The result is perfect fade performance even at the low levels typically difficult for conventional LED fixtures, and without needing more than standard 16-bit control systems.

  • Fade performance: The fixtures have smooth color fades even at low illumination levels. Strobe anomalies, jerky fades, and drop-offs at the low end are eliminated.
  • Color fidelity: The fixtures maintain the selected color hue when luminosity is changed. Without this, a color shift can appear when colors are dimmed.
Wide-angle Color Wash

Cove EX was designed with the unique performance needs of the curved dome screen in mind. The fixtures have a very wide beam angle of 120 by 120 degrees. Typical LED fixtures have a narrow beam angle, which creates undesirable hot spots or scalloping on the screen surface. Cove EX fixtures create a smooth wash of color even when mounted very close to the screen.

Triple-color LEDs

The use of the tight cluster of red, green, and blue LED elements on one substrate means the desired color appears at the smallest distance from the LED. Cove EX fixtures have a mixing distance that is within the fixture itself.

Energy Efficiency

Long-life LEDs are used and the power draw is only 5.04 watts per fixture.

All-New Design and Premium Construction

Cove EX fixtures are an all-new proprietary Sky-Skan design, and are manufactured in the USA. These fixtures use premium components throughout including a custom extruded aluminum housing for superior rigidity against movement caused by heat and a flat acrylic lens design to prevent any color shift. Cove EX fixtures come with a 3-year warranty.