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Classical Astronomy


Constellations and Arrows With the dizzying array of options digital fulldome brings, it’s nice to know Sky-Skan hasn’t forgotten the power of classical astronomy and a live star show. Sit down at the console and you're greeted with the familiar controls right on the main DigitalSky 2 page. Transport controls and control switches for grids, planets, and more are set together in a natural layout. If you'd like manual controls, we have digital manual console solutions too that seamlessly work with the mouse click controls. Everything is available for presets too as you build custom shows.

Dedicated panels for the solar system and constellations provide easy and graphical access when you need it. With DigitalSky 2, getting up and running with live shows is designed to be both easy and rewarding.


traditional visuals are all here

You won't miss a thing from traditional planetarium features! We've included the core basics right on the command page such as grids, time display, and coordinates. Adding a custom visual for a particular show is easy too.

Exposure Trails

advanced features too

With DigitalSky 2, you're getting a rich array of advanced features on top of classical tools for more efficient teaching. Exposure trails, for example, are only available in a digital system, but provide a simple way to visualize star and planet motions.

Constellations Control Panel

simple control panels

Turning on objects such as constellations is easy with control panels and presets for a large variety of needs. The Northern and Southern control panels provide quick access to turn on artwork, line drawings, IAU boundaries, and edit colors of each. Plus, they're grouped so you can turn on the whole Zodiac, for example, in one click.

Manual Controls

manual controls available

Sky-Skan has been building manual panels for planetariums for decades. Our digital manual controls use high-end knobs and sliders controlling precision digital interfaces on any of DigitalSky 2's variables. We have both standard panels available and custom capabilities. Perfect for a Definiti Optical hybrid system!

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  • Classical Astronomy

    Classic Astronomy

    DigitalSky 2 takes classical astronomy into the digital age.
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    Data Sets

    The industry’s largest collection of data sets.

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    Powerful Features

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    Flexible Production Tools

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