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Interact! for Definiti is a set of 13 DigitalSky 2-enabled planetarium programs using the time-tested Planetarium Activities for Student Success (PASS) modules developed by planetarium staff at Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California. This full set of curriculum-based content brings audience-participation-style learning of basic astronomy to both digital and traditional planetariums.

Each module includes in electronic form everything you need before, during, and after time in the dome: DigitalSky 2 button sets, narration/script (PDF), still images, movies, animations, music, and pre/post classroom activities related to the teaching concepts. Each subject is taught using an integrated combination of the planetarium system and hands-on items.

Status of Interact! for Definiti

Interact! for Definiti is ready for distribution. All 13 Interact modules now fit on a single DVD. If you’d like a preview of Interact!, take a look at the show descriptions below. We also offer a version of Interact! without the DigitalSky 2 presets called Interact! PASS Classic (for non-digital theaters). To receive a free show from Interact! PASS Classic, click this link.